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Hi Tech Afghan Women

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Hi Tech Afghan Women
Trying hard to come out of the devastating war-afflicted period, Afghan women are now focusing on an image-makeover. With some help, of course.

After 25 long years of oppression, a dilapidating economy, a renewed vigor is taking over the women community with a Bay Area company trying to instill life into the dead world.
Students include widows with kids, young Afghangirls who comes all the way with enthusiasm in their heart as they want to learn all about the It skills.
Sonia too hails from Kabul, Afghanistan, who is making it a point to dedicate all her time to her students who are very much eager to move forward in life. Most of these women do not have anyone to look after them, since either their sons were killed during the bombings at war and the others at shootouts.
This initiative taken by the UN, the Afghangovernment, Cisco Systems and USAID aims to restore back the nation’s economy and their first step to achieve their target is educating the Afghan women

Written by amitvikramsingh

August 27, 2011 at 7:02 am

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